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The Book
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The Book

The Web site became a best-selling design book. Teaches good design and marketing.

Here's the original sucky sites that made Web Pages That Suck an Internet sensation. You think it sucks. I generally agree. Usually available for your viewing pleasure for only 24 hours.


Vincent's Digital Video Experiences. Digital Video is about as cool as it gets. It's also about as difficult as it gets. Learn from my ongoing experiences.

who is Jakob SiegelWho is Jakob Siegel?

Darn good question. You'll find out if you read the WebWord interview John Rhodes conducted with Vincent Flanders.

Bad Design. There's always the Daily Sucker -- the sucky site of the day.

Mystery Meat Navigation. Basically, it's a reworking of the old Weborcist article. Bad navigation costs you money and Mystery Meat Navigation is bad.

47.8K Yes, that's how big your Web page should be. Read the article.

Under the Influence. Normally, I don't talk about personal pages or pages from Web Designers. Well, today's the exception. One has that "Eudora" look and the other -- well, you'll have to see it to believe it. Definitely Under the Influence.

Under the Influence. One of these sites is Under the Influence. If this were a sobriety test, it wouldn't be dead rock drummer .51% level. Probably .07% blood alcohol level.

World's Worst E-Con-merce Site #3. We're always complaining how much information is being kept about you. At Charles Schwab, they don't keep enough.

Builder.com Critique of the Week. Sites I've reviewed include TheStreet.com, Counting Crows Web site, Redland Baptist Church, Martha Stewart Living, Adobe, and HomeGrocer.com.


The purpose of WebPagesThatSuck.com (WPTS) and its related sites is to provide you with easy-to-read and understand information about how to make your Web sites successful. The e-mail I've received and the lectures and interactions with designers has taught me you just want to solve your problems NOW. You don't have time to go around to 400 Web sites and figure out what information is important -- that's my job. I'll filter information for you so you don't have to wade through the muck.

This site, like everything else, has changed to meet the times. WPTS is a lot different than the original site which tried to "teach you good design by looking at bad design." Looking at sucky sites is valuable (and fun), but you need a lot more information.

The redesign you're looking at is mostly done. There are some rough edges that need to be smoothed out and I'm working on that Even As We Speak. <grin>


Main Page of Links
This section deals with information that you're going to need to make your job easier. The informational heart of the site.


WPTS is now in book form and is far more than just a collection of sucky sites. Graphics guru Michael Willis and I show you what you should be doing on your site to make it successful -- and there are three chapters on Marketing. The book is being described as the" Strunk and White of Web Design." You can even order it from this site using your favorite online bookstore.

WPTS is an easy and fun read and very educational. One of my favorite compliments is "It's the first technical book I've read that I've enjoyed reading." The writing is clear, concise, and easy to understand. Best of all, it isn't silly or pretentious. You won't find phrases like you'll see in other design books like: "...seeing the innovative design on the site was reward enough. 'Grrr,' says Andrew, satisfied."

On this site you can download a chapter from the book. You can also see the material that Not in book.


Web Pages That Suck -- The Sucky Sites
Here's the original sucky sites that made Web Pages That Suck an Internet sensation. Don't use these techniques on your pages and you're well on your way to not having a sucky site.


The WPTS Bulletin Board
One of the goals of WPTS is to provide information to our visitors and since so many of the people visiting the site are talented designers it's only logical that I put up a bulletin board where you can ask questions and, more importantly, answer them.


Here's a novel concept for a bookstore. Instead of just listing books for you to buy, I'll give you a list (pretty small at the moment, due to time constraints) of books that I've actually read and feel you might find valuable.