"Angry Fruit Salad"

One hundred and twenty of the original 400 files exhibited during the installation. This is an endless loop. To return here, click on the left arrow. You must be not easily offended.


The initial idea was very simple: Display jpeg files with a viewer which thinks there is a VGA monitor attached, but feed it to a EGA video card instead. The display data in video memory will be sufficiently misplaced to achieve the "angry fruit salad" which this project refers to. Using a TTL rather than a EGA monitor set at 8-bit display, and with the brightness cranked up, completed the Day Glow Jello look.

But of course you are not viewing these files with a broken monitor. To approximate the original file display, I had to screen-grab images off of a EGA display as PCX files and convert them to gif files. Turns out, not all the original files could be grabbed and converted. So there are only 120 presented here. Besides, I grew tired of the grab and convert project real fast. You will too.

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From the NO CARRIER catalog...

An "Angry Fruit Salad" is a bad visual-interface design that uses too many colors (see the on-line Jargon File, elsewhere). I have seen the effect often enough when switching images in Photoshop and other graphics aps. The CONCEPT is of a permanent graphical disability applied to the endless garbage coming off the Usenet.

This is a showing of 400 Gif files -- erotic images downloaded from the Usenet, about a third of one day's new files -- using a 'broken' graphics file viewer and an TTL monitor in 8-bit mode. Many files are arbitrarily rescaled to 1:1.33 landscape format, or sized up, no matter what the original size or aspect ratio. Distortion is not an issue here, since most images end up looking like the effects of cubism or modernism on painting anyway. This machine also runs carnival music in the background for the carrousel. 57 minutes.


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