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A collection of DONTs for HTML

I hope this page serves in some way as an educational tool for users learning HTML. This collection is in no way comprehensive, just some of the more common problems that I see.

Please be sure to use the HTML validation service to help find common errors in your HTML ( Yahoo lists a number of other like services). The Why Validate document explains the big picture of why HTML validation is a useful thing to do.

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Guide s to Writing HTML Documents
Yahoo's Index of Page Design and Layout Resources
World Wide Web Consortium
Berkeley Software Design, Inc. (who made this site possible)

Writing portable HTML can be a tough job. It's best if you can test your HTML in several of the more popular (and less popular) browsers. I would suggest using at least Netscape, MS Internet Explorer, Lynx, and one of the validation suites if at all possible. However, the most important thing is the content of your site. If you have good content then style will surely follow.

I send my best to all the brave HTML authors out there who put their work online every day.



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