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-=-= Stupid E-mail Award, June 2001 =-=-

     Jun  3 Rene Arceo     (2,232K) Opening Michoacan Artists 

Rene attaches all 200 of his friends as a CC, write the email as an html attachment, 14 lines long, and adds some microsoft-for-Mac (what else?) application file,

     Part 2, Application/OCTET-STREAM (Name: "ZALCE
     Postcard")  2.2MB. 

Naturally, Rene uses a Mac (most stupid people do)..

     X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express Macintosh Edition - 4.5 (0410)
     Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2001 17:47:16 -0500
     Subject: Opening Michoacan Artists
     From: "Rene Arceo" <bla at blabla>

Be sure to visit, as Rene suggests, ..

     Exhibition: Zalce y el Arte Michoacano

     Opening Reception: Friday, June 15 at 6:00 P.M.

     Location: Arte de Mexico Gallery (700 N. Wells St.)

Rene gets the prize for June. But _you too_ can be a winner: We will be awarding a copy of the book "E-mail for Stupid People" (albeit somewhat tooth marked because my dog Modem chewed up the binding) to the person who submits the most answers to the question, "What was wrong with Rene's e-mail?"


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