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obnoxious black cube

-= proposal =-

A 4x4x4 foot cube, black (or black translucent plastic), which is located at the dead center of the space (important). It answers the question, "What unspecified installation do you contribute to a request for a proposed exhibition of installations without a theme, and yet feel like you are part of it?"

The cube only reacts to the presence of viewers, and then only for a few seconds.. It will throb (sound like a hearthbeat), and glow or light up (in correspondence to the sound it produces).

So as not to be totally obnoxious, the "sensors" would be alligned on a single axis. That way the cube can be circumnavigated in peace, and without presenting itself as just an obnoxious overbearing black cube.

When it lights up, the cube will glow red in unpredictable locations, like a fire at it's heart. Otherwise it is just presented as an opaque shiny reflective black cube.

I have been thinking of this cube for a few years; this might be just the site to actuate this. The original thinking was inspired by those boom-boom cars which drive down Division street. It has varied in my thinking between being black and being red, and variously only produced sound, and sound and light. Light might be apropos if the ambient light of the gallery will be low. Present thinking is that some of the "process" ought to be revealed -- hence translucent black plastic.