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Born in The Netherlands, 1940.

Visual artist: sculpture, photography, film; occasional writer on art.

Previous employment in government; independent consultant in transit planning, demographics, cinematography.

-=-=-=- I started to list a few [projects]
that have kept me busy over the years. -=-=-=-

Past consulting editor for photography, "Nit & Wit Literary Arts Magazine;" past Managing Editor, "exposure" magazine.

Instructor, Columbia College, Chicago, Photography Department, 1983 - 2011.

Represented by BERET INTERNATIONAL GALLERY, Chicago, 1993 - 2000.

Represented by UNCLE FREDDY'S GALLERY, 2635-B Highway Avenue, Highland, IN 46322; 2003 - 2009


Illinois Arts Council Visual Arts Fellowship, $5000, 1990.

NEA Regional Visual Arts Fellowship, sculpture, $5000, 1989.


MFA, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 1983.

BSIE, Illinois Institute of Technology, 1970.

BSEE, Illinois Institute of Technology, 1963.

EXHIBITIONS and other events:

"The Mechanic and the Handyman" with Gordon Ligocki, Brauer Museum of Art, Valparaiso University, Valparaiso IN, [exhibit content page], May 2011 (4 reviews)

"Something to do with Failure" group show, Moser Performing Art Center Gallery, St. Francis University, Joliet IL, ["Burnt Toast is Lost Bread", "Hump"] September 2006

"A Public Space: Daley Plaza" group photography show, Pedway of the Daley Plaza Center, Chicago, organized by Paul Druecke; January 2006

"Ho ho ho" group show at Uncle Freddy's, Highland, IN ["Evidence Against the Future"] November 2005

Bridge (magazine) "Bridge Shoebox Series" auction [instructions for converting the shoebox to a pin-hole camera], December 2003

"Low Rider Show" Polvo Arts Studio, Chicago IL ["Getting Even"] September 2003

"Home Land, Jno Cook & Gordon Ligocki" Legion Arts, Cedar Rapids, IO [Purple Martin Apartments], [11 of the Road Signs] [Zita Dog] September 2003

"Art Inside Out" art and performance fair, Hammond Indiana, public installation, [Purple Martin Apartments] August 8-10 2003, courtesy of UNCLE FREDDY'S GALLERY

JOYMORE GALLERY (sponsor), "Thrill III" Humbolt Park area empty lot, Chicago, ["Cube"] August 2-3, 2003.

"Stray Show", Chicago, IL, courtesy of Uncle Freddy's Gallery [catapult] May 2003

UNCLE FREDDY'S GALLERY, Hammond Indiana, "New Paintings" [14 Road Signs, Electric Rocker] two-person with Adelheid Mers, May 2003 (reviewed)

POLVO ART STUDIO, Chicago Il, "Terrorist Art" ["Four Rivers"] 144 bombs on glass plates lit from below, March 2003 (reviewed)

"Cubicle" (in office spaces adjoining Uncle Freddy's, Hammond Indiana) [plastic cube with moving rocking chair], February 2003

BINGHAM GALLERY, UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI, Columbia, MO, "A Peculiar Landscape" [flying toasters, heads in jars, whores from the internet, High Speed Voice Communication Kit - HSVCK], September 2002

UNCLE FREDDY'S GALLERY, Hammond Indiana, Pre-opening showing with Michael Bulka, ( "Catapult", "Ratapult", and the "White Flinger") (WF by Michael Bulka) August 2002

"Art Inside Out" art and performance fair, Hammond Indiana, public installation, "Pegasus in Paradise" [two humping traffic horses, 49 yellow daisies, picket fence] August 9-11 2002

"Art Inside Out" art and performance fair, Hammond Indiana, "Chicago Artists Invade Hammond" parade [3 Catapults] August 10 2002

JOYMORE GALLERY (sponsor), "Thrill II" Humbolt Park area empty lot, Chicago, ["Flowers"] June, 2002

Hammond Development Corp (sponsor) "High Tech, No Tech" [Toaster Mac, "High Speed Voice Communication Kit", "Ode to Stupid People (3 Mac Planters)", 3 Flying Toasters, "Ptolemy's Universe"] June, 2002

HUMBOLT PARK STABLES GALLERY "of intrinsic nature; transformando lo ordinario" ["A Curtain on History"] September, 2000

COLUMBIA COLLEGE GALLERIES "First Works" (Motor Drive Camera, related print) September, 2000

ANGLES GALLERY, Santa Monica CA, "Inventional" [Cockroach Camera Rollodog, MAC Toaster] reviewed, Aug 2000

DYNAMITE GALLERY PROJECT, Grand Rapids MI, "Devices" [Gravity Monitor, "A Slackening of Creation"] 3 person, reviewed, Sep 2000

BERET INTERNATIONAL, Chicago, "Beret's Last Show" [Flying Toasters, Faces] April 2000

LAS MANOS GALLERY, Chicago "Textbook of Insanity" [actual work] [Las Manos web page]) [reviewed], April 2000

GALLERY 312, Chicago "Site Works" [Untitled Cube with viewer activated sound source and lights] reviewed, March 2000

SUITABLE GALLERY at Rainbo Club, Chicago "Revival" (Squirrel) February 2000

PRINTWORKS GALLERY, Chicago, "The Exquisite Corpse" (dog pix) January 2000

NEXT SPACE GALLERY, Chicago, "Portraits" (three T-shirts) December 1999

ARC RAWSPACE, Chicago "The Millennium Fusion Project" (Spider web with a silent sound piece) December 1999 - January 2000

SUITABLE GALLERY, Chicago, "Squirrels on Parade" (Squirrel with toast) September - December 1999

CHICAGO CULTURAL CENTER, "Bookish" (Talking Skull) October 1999

BERET INTERNATIONAL GALLERY, Chicago "Dysfunctional Toasters" [installations of talking and flying toasters] with Kirsten Daleske October 1999

BERET INTERNATIONAL GALLERY, Chicago "Same Place / New Space" [installation of Solar System, natal chart] with Mike Slattery, April/May 1998

POST GALLERY LA, "Taste of Chicago" ("Cockroach Camera", "Evidence Against The Future") November 1998

ACME ARTIST COMMUNITY GALLERY, Chicago "The Artist's Air and Water Show" ("The Luke Dohner Chair of Flotation") August 1998

LINCOLN PARK LAGOON, Lincoln Park, Chicago "Flotilla 1998" floating objects, ("The Luke Dohner Chair of Flotation") July 1998

BERET INTERNATIONAL GALLERY Chicago "I Paid $25 to Exhibit My Art in This Show" ("Mother Earth as a Young Girl") Catalog, December 1997

COLUMBIA COLLEGE, Chicago "Columbian Exposition" Art Auction ("Burned Toast") Catalog, June 97

ART EXHANGE, NYC, (6 faces from "Caught in the Net") courtesy of Beret International, May 1997

BERET INTERNATIONAL GALLERY Chicago "Beret's Greatest Hits, Part II" (Whiny Box, Prototype) May 1997

COLUMBIA BOOK AND PAPER ARTS, Chicago "Past Present Post" (21 stamp sheets, postcard (floppy of Library at Alexandria), modem) March 1997

BERET INTERNATIONAL GALLERY, Chicago "NO CARRIER" [installations: circuit board curtain, heads in jars, 8 computers in a carrousel plus 4 more, color DMP prints, other, sound] on-line catalog, reviewed, September 1996

MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHY, Chicago "Illinois Photographers in the 90s" (16x20 camera) November 1996

MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART, Chicago "Art in Chicago, 1945 - 1995" ("Cockroach Camera", November 1996

SUZY BYRNE BENEFIT, Chicago ( ("Burned Toast #2"), framed) June 1996

NORTHERN INDIANA ARTS ASSOCIATION, Munster, Indiana "Dealer's Choice" (16x20 camera, print) April 1996

ARCO International Art Exposition, Madrid, Spain (courtesy of Beret International) ("Getting Even") January 1996

TOUGH GALLERY, Chicago "Uncomfortable Spaces Artists" ("Hexadecimal Dialogue" December 1996

CHICAGO RIVER / OGDEN SLIP "Flo-Tilla, 1995" ("Luncheon on the Raft") (dumped by Flo-tilla crew at North Av bridge during transit) May 1995

BERET INTERNATIONAL GALLERY, Chicago "Aesthetic Cranks" (various cameras, model car, Ptolemy's Universe) curated, reviewed, March 95

ART CHICAGO 1995 The Pier Show (courtesy of Beret International) ("Cockroach Camera", "Rollodog") May 1995

NAME Gallery, Chicago, Benefit Auction ("Burned Toast") Feb 95

BERET INTERNATIONAL GALLERY, Chicago "Another Group Show" ("The End of Photography") Feb 95

NIU ART GALLERY, Chicago "Bookmarks 3" WhiteWalls benefit auction ("The Book in the Age of Magnetic Reproduction") Oct 1994

CHICAGO FILM MAKERS "Light and Time" ("Hexadecimal Dialogue") curated, catalogue essay, catalogue, reviewed (?), October 1994

NORTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY ART MUSEUM, DeKalb "Recycled and Reassembled" curated, 3 person [5 pieces, freestanding electrical sculptures] curated, reviewed, panel discussion chaired by Ned Schwarts, Oct 1994

RENAISSANCE SOCIETY, Chicago "After & Before" benefit Auction ("120 Panoramic Camera") request via Hamza Walker, September 1994

10 IN 1 GALLERY, Chicago, "The Uncomfortable Show" ("Readings from the Book") curated, September 1994

BERET INTERNATIONAL GALLERY, Chicago "Giant Yard Sale and Other Sculpture" [installation: tent, backyard, projections, computer graphics, sound] reviewed, September 1994

BERET INTERNATIONAL GALLERY, Chicago "The Worst of Beret" ("Floating Point Error") Reviewed, September 1994

ZOLLA/LIEBERMAN GALLERY, Chicago, "Chicago Critics Choose Chicago Artists" ("Video Dog") curated, August, 1994

CHICAGO RIVER / OGDEN SLIP "Flo-Tilla, 1994" (during Art Expo) ("Floating Point Error") May 1994

ART IN GENERAL, NYC "Little Things" (Rollodog) March 94

BETTY RYMER GALLERY, Chicago SAIC "Camera Obscura" ("Frustrating Jessy Helms") Feb 1994

GROSSMAN GALLERY, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA "Closed Environments" 2-person, curated, [6 pieces, all kinetic sculpture] Feb 1994

MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHY, Chicago, "Illinois Photographers from the Midwest Photographers Project and Permanent Collection" ("Backyard" cookie camera panoramic) Jan-Mar 1994

BARNEYS NEW YORK show windows, Chicago, invitational, (Dummy "Another Peace on Earth" mislabeled by them "Another Place on Earth") November 1993

DELTA AXIS ART CENTER, Memphis TN "Little Things" curated, ("Rollodog") October 1993

NIU ART MUSEUM GALLERY, DeKalb IL "Digital Dreams" (SIGGRAPH) October 1993 juried, traveling ("Hard Copy")

RANDOLPH STREET GALLERY "Real Small (Little Things)" curated, ("Rollodog") September 1993

ARTS FESTIVAL OF ATLANTA "The Metaphorical Machine" curated Sep 1993 ("Evidence Against The Future") Sep 1993

GOVERNORS STATE UNIVERSITY GALLERY "Digital Dreams" (SIGGRAPH) September 1993 juried, traveling ("Hard Copy")

MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART, Chicago "New Art 93" benefit, request ("Art Market" T-shirt) Sep 93

ILLINOIS STATE MUSEUM GALLERY AT CHICAGO "Artists Book Works: A decade in Illinois" juried, ("Readings from the Book") Sep 1993

I SPACE Chicago IL "Paper Trails, Contemporary American Works on Paper" curated travelling (12 pc color computer graphics "Opinions") July 1993

NIU ART MUSEUM GALLERY at CHICAGO "Digital Dreams" (SIGGRAPH) June 1993 juried ("Hard Copy")

SOUTHBEND MUSEUM OF ART, Southbend IN "What Moves You" ("Lost in Space: A Walking Tour" installation) invitational, July 1993

TEMPORARY GALLERY, Chicago "Abandoned Metaphors" invitational ("Praying for Puppies" 7x8' computer graphics) May 1993

ART CHICAGO 1993 The New Pier Show (courtesy of Beret International) ("Frustrating Jessy Helms" "Closed Environment") May 1993

OGDEN SLIP "Flo-tilla" ("The Great Pyramids of Ogden Slip") May 1993

BERET INTERNATIONAL GALLERY "Funny, Not Funny" ("Readings from the Book") invitational, April 1993

BLUE STAR ART SPACE, San Antonio, TX "Photography or Not" 4-person, curated, [kinetic installations, cameras, prints] April 1993

RANDOLPH STREET GALLERY "Artlantic" Benefit Auction, invitational ("Touch The Hem") April 1993

FOLYAMAT GALLERY, Budapest, requested ("Panels from the Bayeux Tapestry: Norman ships on the Danube at Budapest" computer graphics) April 1993

CULTURAL CENTER, Chicago "The Nature of The Machine" curated ("A Slackening of Creation" "Waiting for Armageddon: The Gravity Detector") April 1993

HOTHOUSE, Chicago, "FloTilla Benefit" requested ("Waiting for FloTilla") April 1993

CRANNERT ART MUSEUM Champaign IL "Paper Trails, Contemporary American Works on Paper" curated (12 pc color computer graphics "Opinions") March 1993

SIGGRAPH Chicago Chapter "Mardi-Graph" Benefit Meeting, requested ("Interactive Swearing Computer") February 1993

ARTS CLUB, Chicago, with Peter Thompson: "Views from the Altar of a Jaguar Spokesman" (showed slides, talked about specialty cameras and projectors) February 1993

UIC GALLERY 400, Chicago "Model Car Roundup" ("Camouflaged Mobile Remote Control 16mm Camera and Electric Drill") curated, February 1993

NAME GALLERY, Chicago "20th Anniversary Valentine's Day Benefit" (Auction) ("She Didn't Mean It, He didn't Mean It" 2 pc color computer graphics) requested, February 1993

BERET INTERNATIONAL GALLERY, Chicago "Surprise, Surprise, Surprise" (and benefit auction) ("All Weather Sun Dial") December 1992

MWMWM GALLERY, Chicago "Boxed In" (Computer graphics, B/W and color: 12 pc: "Opinions;" "Superimposed Texts," (with Bob Thall); "Deconstructed Derrida") curated, December 1992

ILLINOIS STATE MUSEUM GALLERY AT CHICAGO "Grit and Polish" curated ("Living in Sin" and "WA 35mm Projector" showing pana-cam film "Waiting for Flo- Tilla") September 1992

BERET INTERNATIONAL GALLERY, Chicago "Scary Machines" [14 kinetic installations] curated, catalogue, reviewed, September 1992

CHICAGO RIVER, Chicago "Flo Tilla" (panoramic camera on a float) August 1992

SOUTH BEND ART MUSEUM, IN "Meet me on The Island" (sculpture and music), invitation, reviewed ("The Great Pyramids of South Bend, Indiana" and Purple Martin Housing") July - October 1992

RANDOLPH STREET GALLERY, Chicago "Multiples" invitational, contracted benefit, catalog, reviewed (sections from "Backyard x 44" in 8 backlighted 4-foot fixtures) April 1992

DIVERSEWORKS, Houston TX "Continued Aesthetic Investigation", curated, catalog, reviewed [cameras, photographs, and installations] March 1992

BERET INTERNATIONAL GALLERY, Chicago "That's Nice, Dear -The Sentimental Show" ("7433 Nights, a Basic Poem dedicated to Claudia George" 17,000 lines of computer generated free-form poetry, in real-time) April 1992

THE WHITNEY MUSEUM OF AMERICAN ART, NYC "Views from a Maya Altar" invitational via Peter Thompson (video workshop, Peter Thompson, William Hanks, Jno Cook on "The Shaman of Oxkintok" by Don Chabo, et al; cameras and slides) April 1992

MUSE JUE DE PAUME, Paris "Ecrans Hongrois" ("LSD" exhibited by Gabor Csaszari) April 1992

INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF FILM AND VIDEO, Glasgow, Scotland "New Visions" film festival, invited, ("LSD" via Gabor Csaszari, also "TENT, TNET", and photographs from "Watching the War on Television") April 1992

GALLERY 400, Chicago, "Disorient, Perspectives on Colonialism" curated ("A Slackening of Creation") February 1992

GALLERY 2, Chicago, "Amalgamations" juried (Cookie Tin Camera, Purple Martin Housing) December 1991

BETTY RYMER GALLERY, Chicago, "Disclosing the Myth of the Family" curated, catalogue, reviewed ("Closed Environment") December 1991

BERET INTERNATIONAL GALLERY, Chicago, "Free Art" give-away (7 cornell jars, 1981) October 1991

DRUM FACTORY, AROUND THE COYOTE Exhibition, "Evidence of the Art-Making Process" collaborative installation, [3 lantern slide projections of back yard, chairs, bushes, sound, etc] invitational, reviewed, September 1991

AUGENBLICK, Chicago, Pana-cam films shown accompanied by the band "Primary Colors" April 1991

GALLERY 2, Chicago "11:59" juried, reviewed ("A Slackening of Creation") March 1991

BUCKTOWN FINE ARTS / FLATIRON BUILDING "The Foreign Policy Show" ("Four Rivers" bombs and plate glass) March 1991

COLUMBIA COLLEGE, Chicago, 9th floor show cases, "The Backyard in Summer" (Van Dyke prints) February 1990

CULTURAL CENTER, Chicago, "The Chicago Show" juried, catalogue, reviewed ("35mm WA slit-shutter film projector") May 1990

10 IN 1 GALLERY, Chicago, "Reorganization" curated, ("Rottweiler Camcorder" "Still Running") June 1990

HIRCH FOUNDATION, Northbrook IL, "Environmental Art" curated, ("Weather Report" puppet video) July 1990

GALLERY 400, Chicago IL, "Faxart" reviewed (list of names of famous SAIC graduates, with "Jno Cook" inserted) July 1990

SOUTH BEND ART CENTER, Indiana, "Midwestern Sculpture Exhibition" juried, catalog ("A Slackening of Creation") October 1990

ARTEMISIA GALLERY, Chicago, "Evidence" juried, ("Evidence Against the Future" 400 contact frames from "Living in Sin") December 1990


UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO, Boulder, "Photography is Dead" invited, catalogue, reviewed (8x10 foot H/T version of "The Death of Photography") February 1989

MIT LIST VISUAL ARTS CENTER, Cambridge MA, "Radically Recycled Cameras" curated, catalogue, reviewed (18 cameras, photographs) March 1990

EUROPEAN MEDIA ARTS FESTIVAL, West Germany, ("LSD" via Gabor Csaszari) catalogue, September 1989

RANDOLPH STREET GALLERY, Chicago, "The End of the Weather As We Know It" curated, reviewed ("Weather Report" video-puppets) November 1989

RANDOLPH STREET GALLERY, Chicago, "Reclaiming Technology" catalogue, reviewed [20 cameras] January 1989

LIMELIGHT, Chicago, "It'll be Art in a Minute" ("Anatomy Lesson") August 1988

EUROPEAN MEDIA ARTS FESTIVAL, West Germany, off-program showing ("L.S.D." films, presented by Gabor) September 1988

LIMELIGHT, Chicago, "Things We Are Thankful For" ("A Place at the Table") November 1988

GALLERIA D'ALLEY ARTS, Chicago, "The Bat Tower" solo (permanent treehouse installation) October 1987

CALIFORNIA MUSEUM OF PHOTOGRAPHY, Riverside, "Photographic Books to Photobookworks" curated, catalogue, (various books, proof prints) February 1986

NEW WORKS GALLERY, Chicago, "Metonymies of Violence" curated, ("Preparation of Ground Zero") April 1986

SF CAMERAWORKS GALLERY, "The Magic Lantern" curated, catalogue ("Moon in the Fifth House") October 1986

UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT DEKALB, "The Landscape Starts Here" organized, catalogue ("Ordinals") January 1985

SPE CONFERENCE, Minnesota, "Handmade Books" ("The Robert Frank Coloring Book") March 1985

ALLEN STREET GALLERY, Dallas TX, "The National Exhibition of Handmade Photographic Book Art" ("The Robert Frank Coloring Book") May 1985

EMMANUEL GALLERY, Denver CO, "The Landscape Starts Here" organized, catalogue, reviewed ("Ordinals") September 1985

ARTISTS BOOK WORKS, Chicago, "Lazy Dogs" solo, showcase window (Artists' Call Against U.S. Intervention in Central America) (lazy dogs) January 1984

VISUAL STUDIES WORKSHOP, Rochester, NY, "The Landscape Starts Here" organized, catalogue, reviewed ("Ordinals") March 1984

COLUMBIA COLLEGE, Chicago, Traveling Faculty Exhibition, (pc from "Pinhole/ Snapshot") June 1984

MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHY, Chicago, "Columbia College Faculty" (pc from "Pinhole/ Snapshot") September 1984

SCHOOL OF THE ART INSTITUTE OF CHICAGO GALLERY, Chicago, Fellowship Competition ("100 Proposals for Non-Political Murals") May 1983

MOMING GALLERY, Chicago, "Those Kids" curated, reviewed (refrigerator door with posted kid's artworks) August 1983

ARTISTS BOOK WORKS, Chicago, Opening Group Exhibition (various books) September 1983

NAB GALLERY, Chicago, "The Sex Show" reviewed (pc from "Living in Sin") September 1983

CULTURAL CENTER, Chicago, contribution to children's exhibit "Expressways" ("Spiderweb") September 1983

GALLERIA D'ALLEY ARTS, Chicago, "The Giant Spider Web" (semi-permanent installation) October 1982

CHICAGO TRANSIT AUTHORITY, various Rapid Transit stations, Chicago, "Compleat Catalogue" (guerrilla art) October 1982

COUNTRYSIDE ART CENTER, Arlington Heights, Illinois, "Books and Scrolls" (various books, "Alone Again") March 1982

PRINTERS ROW GALLERY, Chicago, "The Other Show" juried, reviewed (pc from "Pinhole/Snapshots") April 1982

ART EXPO 82, Chicago, untitled group show, courtesy of Columbia College (pc from "Motordrive") May 1982

UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, Midway Studios, "True Value Visionaries" (pc from "Image Book") January 1981

CAMERAWORKS GALLERY, SF, "Generative Systems" ("Peter Thompson") reviewed (pc from "Motordrive" "Image Book" and camera) March 1981

SAN FRANCISCO ART INSTITUTE, exchange group show (pc from "Motordrive") March 1981

OSAKA SCHOOL OF ART, Japan, exchange group show (pc from "Motordrive") May 1981

SCHOOL OF THE ART INSTITUTE OF CHICAGO GALLERY, Chicago, "Last Photo Show Before the Lake" reviewed (pc from "Living in Sin") October 1981

ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION, Headquarters Building, Springfield, Illinois, "Department of Transportation, First Annual Art Exhibition" award ("Alone Again") December 1981

COLUMBIA COLLEGE GALLERIES, "Generative Systems Work" curated, reviewed ("Motordrive" and camera) October 1980


Beret International Gallery "Dysfunctional Toasters" catalog for exhibition, October 1999.

Beret International Gallery "Same Place, New Space" catalog for exhibition, April 1998.

Beret International Gallery "I Paid $25 to Exhibit My Art in This Show" exhibition catalog (authored, afterword, on-line also) December 1997

Columbia College, Chicago "Columbian Exposition" auction catalog ("Burned Toast") June 1997

MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART "Art In Chicago 1945 - 1995" exhibition catalog; (Cockroach camera photo, interpreted biography) November 1996

"NO CARRIER" on-line catalogue for the exhibition "NO CARRIER" (extensive treatment of concepts, descriptions, code) September 1996

CHICAGO FILMMAKERS "Light and Time" "The Pyrotechnics of Slit-Shutter Films" exhibition catalogue, curated by Kathleen Kirka; (and a page of "24fps aint art" stamps) October 1994

BERET INTERNATIONAL "Giant Yard Sale and Other Sculpture" exhibition catalogue/check-off sheet (illustrated); September 1994

ARTS FESTIVAL OF ATLANTA "The 40th Arts Festival of Atlanta" exhibition catalog, (one page) 1993

RANDOLPH STREET GALLERY "Real Small (Little Things)" Exhibition Catalog, postcard collection, (details from Rollodog text) 1993

ARTISTS BOOK WORKS "Artists Book Works: A decade in Illinois" exhibition catalog, Introduction by Buzz Spector (photograph, listing) 1993

SOUTH BEND REGIONAL MUSEUM OF ART "Lost in Space: A Walking Tour" (illustrated handout for installation) 1993

CHICAGO DEPARTMENT OF CULTURAL AFFAIRS "The Nature of The Machine" exhibition catalogue, Introduction by Lanny Silverman, (checklist, photograph) 1993

BLUE STAR ART SPACE, San Antonio, TX "Photography or Not" exhibition catalog (Essay by Frances Colpitt, Checklist) 1993

STATE OF ILLINOIS MUSEUM, State of Illinois Art Gallery (at Chicago) "Grit - Polish - Art - Space" exhibition catalog (introduction by Robert Sill, statements from galleries, checklist) 1992

BERET INTERNATIONAL GALLERY, Chicago "Jno Cook - Scary Machines" solo exhibition catalogue (loose pages: statement, introduction by Hamza Walker, descriptions and line drawings, bio, price list, wiring diagram, list of nasty adjectives, poster) 1992

RANDOLPH STREET GALLERY, Chicago "Chicago Multiples 92" exhibition catalog (listing, description) 1992

DIVERSEWORKS, Houston TX "Jno Cook - Continued Aesthetic Investigation" solo exhibition catalog (statement, descriptions and anecdotes, line drawings, photographs, introduction by Caroline Huber) 1992

BETTY RYMER GALLERY, Chicago "Disclosing the Myth of the Family" exhibition catalog (photograph, statement, essay by Mark Alice Durant) 1991

SOUTH BEND ART CENTER, Indiana, "Midwestern Sculpture" exhibition catalog (listing) 1990

MIT LIST VISUAL ARTS CENTER, Cambridge, MA "Jno Cook - Radically Recycled Cameras" solo exhibition catalogue (photographs, bio, interview by Allan Cohen, introduction by Ron Platt) 1990

ARTS MIDWEST, Minneapolis MN "High Visibility" fellowship catalog (photo, statement) 1990 Cultural Center, Chicago "The Chicago Show" exhibition catalogue (listing) 1990

RANDOLPH STREET GALLERY, Chicago "Jno Cook - Reclaiming Technology" solo exhibition catalog (statement, line drawings, descriptions, lists of parts, historical notes) 1989

EUROPEAN MEDIA ARTS FESTIVAL, "Program Catalogue" (description of slit shutter film "LSD" produced with Gabor Csaszari) 1990

BLOOM AND FINLEY "The Magic Lantern" exhibition catalogue (listed) SF Cameraworks, 1986

ALEX SWEETMAN "Photographic Book to Photobookworks" exhibition catalogue (photographically listed) CMP Bulletin 5:2, 1986

JNO COOK AND JAY DILORENZO "The Landscape Starts Here" exhibition catalogue, Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester, NY, 1984, Emmanuel Gallery, Denver CO, 1985, University of Illinois at Dekalb (exhibition proposal, photographs, listing, artist's statements) 1985


(published photographs or artwork not listed)

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NOTE: In the Spring of 1998 I proposed to the members of the Chicago Art Critics Association (known as CACA), that they would never again review my work. No reviews have followed this action, except by a few writers not associated with the Caca.

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(does not include papers published prior to 1983, published photographs, or text written for catalogues)

"A Saturnian Cosmology" 700,000 words. Started in 2001; completed December 2010, in pdf also.

(In 1998 I started to write local art reviews under assumed names for Gravy Magazine, and continued to do so until 2002. To protect my publisher, Adam Mikos, I have not listed these articles here in the past -- until now, 2007. At some point it just doesn't matter. The assumed names are listed below.)

Gravy Magazine number 12, Spring 2002.

Gravy Magazine number 10 Summer 2001

Gravy Magazine number 9 Fall 2000

Gravy Magazine number 8 Summer 2000

Gravy Magazine number 7 May 2000

Gravy Magazine number 6 March 2000

Gravy Magazine number 5 October 1999

Gravy Magazine number 4 April 1999

"Museum Politics" paper delivered at CAA conference, NYC, 7 Feb 1997

"Vote Twice Coupon Art Runs Into Big Guns" Candy, May 1993

"Linn Underhill 'Thirty Five Years / One Week'" Artpaper, April 1993

"Zita Sir Puppy" Artpaper, November 1992

"Recent Computer Art in Chicago" Artpaper, October 1992

"Over a period of two years..." Solicited letter, Artpaper, February 1992

"Divided/Undivided Censorship Conference in Chicago" Artpaper, December 1991

"A Child in the Studio -Forbidden Territory" Artpaper, September 1991

"..juxtaposed against the terror.." introduction to "Sylvia Malagrino" Sylvia Malagrino Chicago, January 1990

"Technicalities" Afterimage, September 1989 (letter)

"The Robert Frank Coloring Book" Creative Camera, (reprint) November 1989

"Critics Can't See; Artists Can't Read" introduction to Helene Smith Romer "Figuratively Speaking" catalogue, Ukrainian Museum of Modern Art, Chicago, March 1986

"Robert Frank: Dissecting the American Image" exposure, March 1986

"Robert Frank y La Fotografia," in "Robert Frank, Fotografias/Films 1948/1984" Salla Parpallo, Valencia, Spain, March 1985

"Experimental Filmmakers Meet in Chicago" Afterimage, October 1985

"Sex and Drugs and Larry Clark" Nit & Wit, March 1984

"Robert Frank's Parody" Nit & Wit, May 1984

"Golden Age of Photography Discovered in Neolithic California" exposure, September 1984

"School and Art and Dialogue, A Transcript" exposure, December 1984

"Two Portraits: Suicide and Survivor" Nit & Wit, May 1982

"Photography, The Chicago School" Nit & Wit, January 1983

"Photography: Snapshots" Nit & Wit, March 1983

"Leaving No Impression" Nit & Wit, September 1983

"The Child Artist" Nit & Wit, November 1983

"The Marvelous Journey" Nit & Wit, March 1982

"Robert Frank's America" Afterimage, March 1982

"Visual Criticism in Photography" Nit & Wit, November 1981


(Except as catalogues, I stopped making books after 1985)

"X-Tech Manual of Alternative Photographic Processes" textbook, xerox, 1988, 91, 93, 94, 99

"Alone Again" vanDyke, 1985

"The Robert Frank Coloring Book" offset and xerox, 1983, 2nd edition 1984

"Snowflakes" work of G. v.d. Meer, cyanotype, 1982

"Less American" transliteration of Alain Bosquet's text to Robert Frank's "Les Americains" (1957), text by G. v.d. Meer, images, xerox, 1982

"All the Cardinal Numbers, Volume I" xerox, 1982

"Binding Western Codex Books At The Kitchen Table and Other Methods" instructions, xerox, 1980, 4th edition 1983

"Image Book" catalogue raisonne', offset, 1980

"Casey's Nurren" children's book, xerox, 1979

"Sketches" Karen Cook (3), xerox and color xerox, essays, 1979

"Brownian Movement" Peter Cook, silver prints, 1979

"Always in the Middle" silver prints, 1979

"Night Trip" children's book, xerox, 1979


(Except for installations, I stopped doing film or video after 1993; no real-time computer listed after 1992)

"Hard Copy: Endangered Species" Sixteen B/W 35mm slides repeat every 3 minutes, computer generated audio track repeats every 2.5 minutes. Screen- prints of WPG vector graphic files, printed without a graphics driver, and converted to litho film slides. 1992

"Frustrating Jessy Helms" Micro-fiche reader, altered to reposition a transparency of lovemaking with two gearmotors randomly controlled with interrupt timers and limit switches. The lamp dims during movement. Only very small sections of the transparency can be seen at any one time. An additional 1/2-frame slide projector superimposes the complete image for 1/4 second every 2 minutes. 1992

"Cussing Computer" Computer screen delivers an endless series of randomly generated swear phrases, composed from a list of 212 nouns and 665 adjectives. Capable of creating 62 billion variation (using no more than three adjectives at a time). 8086 processor running DOS 2.11; 384 Kb of memory. The graphics sketched in a CAD, vocabulary in WP5.1. The working program is 8 lines long. 1992

"Waiting for Flo-Tilla" 35mm slit-shutter film, color, silent, about 4 hours when presented in the "WA 35mm Projector," Taken while waiting for "Flo-Tilla 1992" to start, 1992

"Closed Environment" 150 inch loop of 35mm pana-cam film, color, silent, 24" viewing port, repeats in 27 minutes, from "Backyard x 44" 1991

"Watching the War on Television" 36" B/W 35mm pana-cam image, silent, speed is viewer adjustable, 8 inch viewing port, 1991

"Evidence Against the Future," 35mm continuous reel of 10,000 half-frame slides of children on Santa's lap, shown at 5 second intervals, viewer activated installation, color, 17 1/2 hours, 1990

"Rollodog," 16mm, b/w, 4.000 seconds, (installation) viewer operated 16mm miniature editor with film loop of a dog at play, and a frame-by frame analysis, 1990

"TENT - TNET" 35mm slit-shutter film, color, wild sound, 20 to 40 minutes, 1991 Taken while setting up a tent, making a campfire, being visited by other campers.

"Lines and Loops," 35mm slit-shutter film, color, wild sound, 20 to 40 minutes, 1989 with Gabor Csaszari; two films shot simultaneously from a moving window van, one in translation and one in rotation; original titles (1988) for projection on two motorized synchronized film-strip projectors

"L.S.D. Rotation" and "L.S.D. Translation"

"ADDISON" 35mm slit-shutter film, color, silent, 20 to 40 minutes, 1989. Taken from a moving window van along Addison, Western, Lincoln, Grace in Chicago.

"Weather Report," VHS video for two monitors, color, sound, 25 minutes separate videos of (1) puppets presenting broadcast TV weather reports, and, (2) voice activated puppets reporting on the 8 ways in which the world will end; viewer activated installation plays five minutes segments from each tape simultaneously, 1989

"Backyard Times 42" 35mm slit-shutter camera, color, 15 min, 1988; one 48" static piece removed, 1991; reformulated as 8 static pieces 48 inches long each, "Eight Dioramas" 1992, except for a 14 foot section converted to a moving loop image "Closed Environment" 1991

"Picking up the Kids" 35mm slit-shutter camera, color, with Gabor Csaszari, 18 min, 1988/89

"Portal to Portal" 35mm slit-shutter camera, color, with Michael Ensdorf, 42 min, 1987, sound added 1989, retitled "Perdido Gato Negro" camera dollied through each room of an empty apartment, sound track from three month record of phone answering machine.

"Making Dinner from leftovers" with Cornelius Cook, b&w video, 15 min, 1987

"Goodbye, Robert Frank" video from slides, sound, with Michael Ensdorf, 16 min, 1986

"Alliance Division" slides and 35mm cine, color and b&w, sound, 23 min, 1986

"Art Track" b&w and color video, with Michael Ensdorf, 6 min, 1986

"My Argentina" b&w and color slides, sound operated projectors, with Sylvia Malagrino, Michael Ensdorf, 23 min, 1986

"Roll-by Inspection" 35mm cine, color, light operated soundtrack, 8 min, 1986

"Requiem" video, b&w, produced by Nancy Fanning, 14 min, 1985

"No, No, No" S8, color and b&w, 1 1/2 min, 1984

"Weather Report Take 12" video, b&w, 6 1/2 min, 1984

"Guns on Ravenswood" S8, color, 4 min, 1984

"Two Percent For Art" video, color, produced by Nancy fanning, 14 min, 1984

"Moon in the 5th House" slides and audio tape, 12 min, 1983


[short resume]

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