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Jno Cook

In the 19th Century saplings of the Sequoia tree of California were transplanted to England. Today they are over a hundred feet tall, and five feet in diameter. If I plant one now, the way I figure, it will be 50 to 60 feet tall before I die, which is twice the height of my house, which is the tallest building on this block. The cost of cutting it down would become increasingly prohibitive as time went on. It would thus have a chance of survival, and might just grow to it's full 400 foot height - over the next 3500 years.


In the 1980s I asked Joe Zucker to send me Sequoia seeds from California, and subsequently also asked Harry George. All the seeds were cut down by mildew before reaching an inch in height. For years I had a 3 foot square, 6 foot tall greenhouse in the back yard, ready to receive the first seedlings. The following are some conceptual notes made on the project.

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or.. "The roots got into the sewer line."