Getting some [] Windows information

This is for my computer "Yoni", an "eMachine" with an AMI BIOS.

(start, settings, system, general)

MSWin98 4.10.1998
(RAM) 64 mB

(start, settings, system, device mgr)

(HD) type 47 - no info here
(FD) generic 1.44
(mouse) PS/2 bus mouse, irq 12
(net card) irq 10, i/o 300

(start, settings, system, device mgr, properties tab at bottom, resources)

(* can't have, belongs to system)
0 * timer
1 * kb
2 * (8-15)
3 ... not assigned (the modem will go here)
4 COM1
5 audio stuff
6 fdc (could use if you disable FD)
7 LPT1
8 * system clock
9 audio stuff
10 ethernet card (16 bit, IRQ and i/o set on card)
11 * USB/PCI bus
12 * bus mouse (can have if you remove mouse)
13 * FPU
14 IDE HDC (1) one HD and CDROM
15 IDE HDC (2) not in use, Zip drive could go here.

(start, shutdown, shutdown...
... then reboot and hold the BIOS interrupt key -- for AMI BIOS hold Del, then inspect a few things...)

For other BIOS chips see [the magic key] page.

(setup, standard)

(HD, pri master) on "autodetect", no info, more below
(floppy A) 1.44 Mb checked
(floppy B) not installed
(date/time) leave set if close enough. If not, reset
(security) DON'T SET A PASSWORD -ever
(anti-virus) this is a bootsector checker, don't recommend.
(auto detect HD) 4092 cyl, 16 Heads, 63 sectors: 2112 mB

(advanced section)

(quick boot) leave it off, it save no time.
(1st boot dev) CDROM
(2nd boot dev) Floppy
(3rd boot dev) HD (first IDE-HDD) leave it this way -- just dont set the HD boot as first, always go through Floppy and CDROM first
(boot-up num loc) on (recommend)
(primary display) note you can remove the monitor. But don't.
(shadow RAM) just use C000, 32K, this is the Video BIOS; leave the rest alone. Windows is fast enough.
(Cache) (internal and external) just enable it. If you dont have Cache RAM, it dont matter.
(power management) Mostly ignore or leave alone.