I started these notes when I put up my first web pages in 1995. Thus it represents a collection of methods and tools spanning everything from a dialup account with broken modems, to a ppp connection, and from straight DOS, through Windows 311, Windows 95, Windows 98, to Linux. Updated with more actual Unix scripts, January 2003, January 2004, January 2005.

[Tags overview] The minimum set of HTML tags needed for a web site and List constructions. Comments on how different browsers behave. This has changed very little over the years.

[Page design] Speed, downward compatibility, and writing web pages which will look good on any browser and any screen.

[File organization] Organization of the HTML files on your own machine, WIN/DOS batch files utilities, and Unix scripts. Revised to reflect current practice.

[Tools] UNIX, Windows, and DOS utilities useful in editing and altering HTML files and images, and transporting and accounting for them, which will run under DOS, Win3.*, Win98 or Linux. Linux shell scripts, plus Awk, Perl, RCS, Wget, Rsync, and dired use for Lynx.


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