New Paintings

Uncle Freddy's Gallery, Hammond Indiana, May 2003


These are reproductions of road signs found all over the country, hand cut by local Highway Maintenance Departments. I have spotted them throughout the Midwest, and in Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Texas, and Oregon. They are elements of a venacular aesthetic defining an Americana we live in and often do not recognize -- unique, funny, and at times impenetrable.

The warning message is not always clear. Often there are local attempts at improving the meaning, or at promoting a greater terseness. I tend to misread many of these signs as social and political statements ("Keep Left") and especially as sexual metaphors. What else can you do on road trips except entertain yourself?

[dust] DUST

[speed bump] SPEED BUMP

[all turns] ALL TURNS

[three way] THREE WAY

[maintain speed] MAINTAIN SPEED

[enter here] ENTER HERE

[hump] HUMP

[no stopping] NO STOPPING

[merge] MERGE

[rocks] ROCKS

[all lanes] ALL LANES

[go away] GO AWAY

[deaf] DEAF

[no way out] NO WAY OUT

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