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aesthetic investigation

When the National Endowment for the Arts was required to actually write down why they gave away money to artists (when they had been doing it for years for no apparent comprehensible reason), they elected to explain in their brochure that the money went for "continued aesthetic investigation." I am all about that.

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your design team

Web page design and maintenance

Unlike everyone else, we don't work out of a box of goodies we got at Egghead cheap when they went out of business. We use hand coding, and design for speed and universal readability. See the [design notes] at Spaces.org, or the note on [web design] locally.


changing locomotives in Wyoming
Frank and 16 cases of equipment

Industrial filming

This has been done internationally in both 35mm and 16mm. We maintain editing facilities for both at the Ravenswood Film and Video Center in Chicago.

Contract work: Burlington National Railroad, Union Pacific Railroad, Illinois Central Railroad, IIT Research Institute, India National Railroads, Southern Pacific Railroad, US Navy Munitions Center, and others.


36 x 48" vacuum frame ultraviolet printer

Specialty Imaging Equipment

Including filming and camera equipment, timing and recording devices, projection equipment, and exposure equipment.

Below, in order:

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Have any questions? Contact us, Jno Cook or Claudia George. Find the email address [here].