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Photography [logo] Spring 1998

Generally two or three pieces from a set of 10 to 12. Titles reflect the scope of the final projects. Sizes vary from 4 x 5" to 6 x 9". All are silver prints.

[photograph by Jennifer Coates] [photograph by Jennifer Coates]
Jennifer Coates, "Traveling Duckies"
5 x 7" Hand colored silver prints.

[photograph by Jennifer Wisniewski] [photograph by Jennifer Wisniewski] [photograph by Jennifer Wisniewski]
Jennifer Wisniewski, "Industrial Chicago"
7 x 9" Toned silver prints.

[photograph by Peter Stover] [photograph by Peter Stover]
Peter Stover "Skinny Boys"
6 x 9" Double printed silver prints.

[photograph by Morgan Kottke] [photograph by Morgan Kottke]
Morgan Kottke "Abandoned House"
6 x 9" Silver prints.

[photograph by Milly Arroyo] [photograph by Milly Arroyo]
Milly Arroyo "Water as Self"
6 x 9" Silver prints

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