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Work of some of [] my ex-students

[Updated Spring 2010] Some amazing and outstanding work, often underrepresented, and as digital images which do not do justice to the originals. There is a lot more I would like to show, but it is not always convenient to make slides, scan photographs, or convert digital. For work dating back to 1998, there are often only a few images from the actual sets. If your work is missing here, contact me and arrange to send images.

The image quality has varied with the use of a number of different flatbed scanners and film scanners used at Columbia, and my own various devices. Image manipulation has shifted over the years, starting with Photoshop, then with Paint Shop Pro, and currently with the Gimp.

Most images are under 600 pixels wide, at times reduced to 8-bit color depth, and vary from 125 to 600 dpi. Jpegs are compressed 65 percent to the edge of acceptability. Gamma has been adjusted for the PC standard, rather than Mac. A 1024x768 screen is recommended, although a 640x480 will do. But set your monitor for 24 bit operation, especially for B&W images.

Many files are large by internet standards. If all of the images do not expand, blame your browser's cache settings, your computor's RAM, or figure you have a slow connection to the internet.

Many images are work prints from intermediate work, or contact proofs (including digital proofs) where finish in terms of density and contrast is missing. These are not the final presentation prints. As a viewer, I ask you to consider the imaginative completion of an assignment, or the compositional finesse - not the physical aspects. Most view-camera projects presented here look easy for a 35mm camera, but strain the limits for a 4x5 camera.

Sorry this index file is so large. There are over 3000 files here, representing about 190 people (2010). When I get to 200, I'll start removing some work.

At the bottom of this page are some portraits and random work from [some classes].

All images carry implied copyrights by the original artists, or are protected under the terms of the Creative Commons License - see the [about printing] page for information.


A Collection of Excuses

-- Thanks to Simon Cygielski for developing the collection.


2000 [Kim Ambriz] Lino Cuts

Underwater [Alexis Auricchio] 2005

2009 Portraits [Addie Becker]

2007 [Michelle Benson] Portraits

2007 Portraits [Devan Ballard]

Portraits [Bryan Brown] 2006

Tera Baumgardner [The Frog Prince] [Portraits]

Images [Sarah Anna Burval] 2005

2005 [Pratynsha Bandla] Devon Avenue

2004 Big Flowers [Autem Burton]

2004 [Chase Browder] Grass

Cutouts [Heather Burke] 2003

2002 [Jeremy Bolen] Road Kill

Some Portraits [Tiffany Bomar] 2003

1998 [Vicky Breslan] Latex Generation


[Kara Cooper] 2011 In the Woods

Border Patrol [Ruben Cantu] 2007

Places [Yohei Chino] 2007

Portraits Summer 2000 [Andrew Chambers]

2005 [Emily Casares] Humpty Dumpty

2006 [David Costa] Big Pictures

Scars [Siobhan Cullen] 2006

2003 [Val Carpenter] Little Red Riding Hood

Carole Cantrell [Portraits] [Shadows]

E J Choi [Home] [Einstein] 1998

[Brock Craft] website

[Simon Cygielski]


Night [Viktor Denischik] 2010

2009 [Lindsay De Haan] Pots

2005 [Brian Doubek] Lucy and Jude

2005 [Cat Debuse] Collage

Some Fruit [Jessica deArmond] 2004

2004 Bread [Kristi Diver]

2004 [Joseph Depre] Bridge

Form [Yvette Diaz De Leon] 2000

[Kostas Demetrias] Grafis


2005 [Are Eidet] The Frog and the Princess

Mural [Jose Estrada] 2000


2006 [Donna Foster] Fall 2006 Portraits

Fall 2005 [Happy Birthday, Robert Frank]

2004 [Ryan Fitzgerald] Arcade

Breakfast [Christina Fuentes] 2004

Rachelle Friesen [Fall 2002 Portraits] [ABC'ing]


2006 [Mark Gutierrez] Downtown

Rumplestiltskin [Allison Glovak] 2005

Closer [Jon Green] 2004

Bugs [Patrick Gipson] 2000

2000 [Ana Golez] Liberty Travels

[Ross Gerbasi] String Portraits 2003

Vegetables [Diana Guzzonato] 2002


the UP [Leonel Hernandez] Spring 2010

[Margaret Hirshfeld] Fall 2005 Portraits

2004 Vet [Jessi Hawks]

2003 [Ashley Hudson] Snow White

1999 [John Handwerk] Traveling Somewhere

Reflections [Mike Hill] 2004

2002 [Anni Holm] Closeups


[Megan Jung] Portraits 2010

2005 [Mike Jarecki] Beach


[Chutipoth Kitjajaroenchai] Portraits Summer 2002

[Rachel Krieger] Fall 2006 Portraits

Sea Monkeys [Beth Kovach] 2004

2004 [Christopher Kim] Paintings

Swinging Back [Marci Kapff] 2003

2002 [Maureen Keaveny] Clybourn Avenue

Painting [Chris Kerr] 1999

1999 [Bee Kirchgatterer] Livingrooms

Shirley [Darlene Kryza] 1999

1999 [Laura Kurtenbach] Covers


2009 [Lindsay Levita] Peeps

2006 [Ryan Leitner] Frustrations

Portraits Fall 1998 [Julie Lasker]

2006 [Brigette Love] Portraits

Tooth Fairy [Kirstin Laroche] 2005

2005 [Matt Levy] Abandoned

Alicia Lafrance [A Day in the Life] [Brush and Bike] 2005


Computer [Robert Magala] 2010

2007 [Robin Mcguire] Doll House

Glass [Ginger MacDonald] 2007

2006 [Seth Mooney] Immigrant Labor

2006 [Mary Mazurek-khan] Lil Red Riding Hood

Eric McNeil [Objects] [Portraits]

2006 [Shawna Mangurten] Fabric

Busy Streets [Ariel Mondala] 2006

Fruit [David Marquardt] 2006

2005 [Rachel Muich] Fish

2005 [Nicole Michelotti] Watch Where You Step

2004 Three Lil Pigs [Juliana Medrano]

Viewcamera Video [Joe Miller] 2004

John Miller [Hansel and Gretel] [Rock Bands] 2003

Industrial Landscapes [Leon Macapagal] 2003

2002 [Denise Martinez] A Fairy Tale

Weeds [Nathan Mathews] 2003

Photographs [Barry Mayo] 1999

[Mother] [Other] Ann Marie McGlade

1999 [Yuko Murakami] Reflections

Adam Mikos [Gravy] [Next Space]


Hands [Melanie Newman] 2010

[Brett Naucke] 2007 Threads

Barbie [Jessica Nudd] 2005

2003 [Daniel Newman] Theater

Autobiography [Andy Nowak] 1998


2010 [haley.obrien] Tin Cans

Faces [Natalie Odonnell] 2006

[Hernando Orozco] 2004

2002 [Nami Ogata] Chicago Jazz

1999 [Kouichirou Ono] Chicago Primer


People [Eric Pickersgill] 2009

2010 [Noellia Pena] Public Sculptures

Fruit and Drinks [Rebecca Peters] 2004

2004 [Dana Pachl] Stuff

Materials [Erin Paulson] 2004

2004 [Phillip Pement] Dunes


Piglets [Paige Resendiz] 2010

2006 [Sofia Raymundo] The Office

Fashion [Brooke Romines] 2005

Chicago [Damian Romito] 2005

2005 [Eleanor Reardon] Chicago

2004 Honda [Lisa Rozwadowski]

Homies [Maria Rostro] 2004

[Nicole Radja] street, fashion, clubs

Attic [Christine Rayyan] 2003

2002 [Andrea Restivo]

2002 [Jennifer Rodriguez]

Weeds [Tiffany Roman] 2002

2000 [Lopamudra Roychoudhuri] Windows


Music People [Walter Street] 2010

Clay [Jake Scholl] 2010

2010 [Armando Silva] Tags

Sidewalks [Marty Susmaras] 2007

Jack and Jill [Kristina Smith] 2006

Autumn Schultz [Junk Yard] [Office Supplies]

Cate Sorenson, Sarah Robles, Matt Levy, Alice Woods [Fall 2004 Portraits]

Short People [Katie Skuba] 2004

Music [Tasha Sychowski] 2005

[John Scholtes] Fall 2005 Portraits

2006 [Kelsey Schoening] Digits

Time [Petya Shalamanova] 2005

2005 [Jacob Shakro] Leaves

[Ryan Socash] 2004

Some Girls [Vanessa Sanchez] 2004

2004 Some Food [Michelle Soich]

2004 [Terence Shaw] Focus

Long Grove [Hilary Steffens] 2004

2004 [Shu Lam] Tiny Toys

Make-up [Katherine Staunton] 2004

Mike Stahl [The Frog Prince] [Drive In] 2003

2001 [David Spencer] Deconstructing Edward Curtis

Jen Swartz, a [lesson] in X-technology.


Photography, Summer 1998 [Portraits]
photographs by Megan Turkovich or Gregory Helmstetter

Peter Takamori [The Taylor] [Viewcamera]

Chicago Transit [Jessie Tierney] 2005

2005 [James Trevenen] What I Do

Porches [Darian Tyler] 2004

2004 [Michael Tung] Michigan Avenue

St Paul's Church [Mark Telinski] 2003

Laura Todd [Sleeping Beauty] [A Forest] 2003


2004 [Jennifer Unger]


Amsterdam [Selina van der Brink] 2000

Trucks [Abraham Velazquez] 2007

2001 [Tatyana Vist] Zodiac


Stephanie Walters [Food] [What I Always Wanted to Photograph]

Portaits Fall 2004 [Ken Williams]

Alice Wegloski [Kids] [Fall 2006 Portraits]

Reserved Parking [Russell Woelfel] 2006

2005 Snapshots [Jeff Wilkinson]

[Courtney Weber] Oops 2005

Faces [Brian Walker] 2005

Chicago [Alice Woods] 2004

Jordan Williams [Canned Food] [Walls] [Ashtray] 2004

2004 [Stephanie Willis] Friends

Slides [Tina Wagner] 2004


2006 Temples [Michael Yaccino]


[View Camera] Spring 2011

Fall 2010 [View Camera]

[Friday View Camera] 2010

2007 [Monday in Summer View Camera]

[Thursday in Summer View Camera] 2007

[Photo in Spring 2007]

2007 [Spring View Camera]

[Thursday in Summer 2006]

[Monday in Summer 2006]

Spring 2006 [The View Camera Ten Piece Band]

Fall 2005 [Tuesday Photographs]

[Summer] View Camera, 2005

[The Class] View Camera, Spring 2005

[Spring 2005] Snapshots

View Camera, Summer 2004 [Monday]

[Tuesday] View Camera, Summer 2004

[Some Photographs] Photography Fall 2004

View Camera, [Friday] Spring 2004

[Monday] View Camera, Summer 2003

View Camera, Summer 2003 [Tuesday]

Photography Fall 2003 [Pictures]

View Camera, Summer 2002 [Students]

X-Tech, Spring 2002 [Work]

Photo One Lab 1999 [self portraits]

[Hey, Tammy!] View Camera, Summer 1998

Book Binding, 1998 [Work]

[Work] X-Tech, Spring 1998

[Photography, Spring 1998]
Jennifer Coates, Jennifer Wisniewski, Peter Stover,
Morgan Kottke, Milly Arroyo

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