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Photo One Lab [Sara Brown, TA, sketch by Ashley]Spring 2007

All images approximately 6x9"
scanned from proof prints

[image by breanna christensen]

[sketch by ashley] [image by breanna.christensen]

[image by linda williams]

[sketch by ashley] [image by linda williams]

[image by mathew silva]

[image by mathew silva] [sketch by ashley]

[image by megg dunne]

[sketch by ashley] [image by megg dunne]

[image by nathan black]

[image by nathan black] [sketch by ashley]

[image by seung-ho chang]

[image by seung-ho chang] [sketch by ashley]

[image by sonia gandara]

[image by sonia gandara] [sketch by ashley]

[image by stevie svencner]

[image by stevie svencner] [sketch by ashley]

[image by yohei chino]

[sketch by ashley] [image by yohei chino]

all sketches by ashley

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