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Happy Birthday, Robert Frank
by Two Fall Photo Classes
November 9, 2005

All images approximately 8 x 10"
scanned from work prints

[image by Yevgeny Tereshenko]

[image by Peter Takamori]

[image by ...]

[image by Marsy Henriksen]

[image by Luis Chevez] [image by Elvis Luna]

[image by Christine Fugate]

[image by Kirstin Laroche]

[image by Stacey Scepkowski]

[image by Garoufalia Katopodis]

[image by Caroline Ann Dixey] [image by Caitlin O'Meara]

[image by ...]

[image by Celica Beltran]

[image by Kristie Reece]

[image by Bilal Mahmood]

[image by J Scholtes] [image by Are Eidet]

[image by Sara Vaccaro]

[image by Allison Glovak]

[image by Katherine Diaz]

[image by Kun Bi]

[image by Emily Casares]

[image by John Scholtes] (instructor)

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