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Tuesday Photographs
by everyone
Fall 2005

All images approximately 6 x 9"
scanned from prints

Amanda, Headphone

Amanda, Pumpkin

Amber, Coffee

Amber, Shoes

Annie, Girl

Annie, Kids

Brooke, Chicago

Brooke, Gate

Caroline, Hands

Caroline, Tree

Elizabeth, Bbq

Elizabeth, Face

Jessica, Bent

Jessica, Chain

Katee, Pillar and Post

Kelsey, Bus and El

Lynnette, Bean

Lynnette, Street

Marty, Platform

Marty, Pond

Melissa, El

Melissa, Girl

Michelle, Face

Michelle, Shoes

Paul, Lake

Paul, Tube

Petya, Face and Mirror

Sara, Books

Sara, Horse

Taylor, Boy and Fiddle

Vera, Face

Vera, Leather

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