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January 1999

Chris Kerr

Recent Work

Embankment, oil on wood

Climber, oil, wax, on wood

Accident, wood, vanvas, oil on wood

Uuni, acrylic, sand, tea on wood

Diver, acrylic, crayon, wax on wood

nt, acrylic, wax, on wood 24x24"

nt, oil on paper, 18x24"

Lippu, acrylic on muslin 36x48"

nt, acrylic and sawdust in box 9x14"

Autoportrait with cats, oil on canvas, 24x36"

BR1230, woodblock print 18x24"

Death is not the end, woodblock print, 18x24"

The operation, woodblock print, 18x24"

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