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Summer 2005

All images approximately 4x5"
scanned from contact proofs


brian by jeff and eleanor --- brian, david, damian by hans

celli, jose, joan by emily --- damian by david

dan by jessica harvey --- dan, lina by heather

dave by dan --- heather, jenny by mike

eleanor, marta, ben by emily --- emily, hans by jeff and eleanor

hans by damian --- heather, jenny, david, erin, mike by jessica nudd

jason, david by damion --- jessica nudd, tasha by lina

joan by david --- jordan by jessica harvey

joan by jeff and eleanor

laura, david by erin --- lina by mike

matt by jordan --- matt, jordan by dan

Monday Flash Cards

Jenny Pepper -- Dan Ciskey -- Jessica Nudd

Laura Moeller -- Tasha Sychowski -- Jessica Harvey -- Heather Zienert

Matt Welch -- Mike Jarecki -- Jordan Williams

Matt Levy -- Lina Ilekis -- David Cortes

Thurday Flash Cards

David Maki -- Ben Pancoast -- Emily Hoskins -- Rachel Muich

Brian Guido -- Celi Munoz -- Damian Romito

Marta Sasinowska -- Robert Hans Seaberg

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