Weird Stuff on the Web

Some things do not surprise me anymore, but every now and then I run into Pyramidiots and other true believers who have attacked some subject with religious zeal. Here are a few examples, which stand up well as spoofs of the same insane work of others.

An analysis of a mass of stones at [Waitapu] in New Zealand. This will move the science of "ancient alignments" far into the future.

The [identification] of the was scepter as a water turn-off key. And the further [uses] of this instrument in ancient Egypt.

Twenty two pages of a mythologically based rant, called [THE SACRED MOUNTAIN] by Charles H. Seitz. I had to stop reading after a few pages. But enjoy all of it.

Richard writes to inform me of the true [chronology] of the world, "there are things i know to share with you."

Four outraged e-mails from [Jayden]. Jayden writes, "You arrogant presumpteous amateur know it all." That's me.