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The complete X-Tech Manual

These are all image files, reproducing the X-Tech Manual, a compendium of alternative photographic processes in use at the Photography Department of Columbia College, Chicago. These include Blueprint, Brownprint, Gumprint, plus the use of graphic arts film, use of the process camera, halftone production, basics of color separation, and a number of allied manipulations. Rather than look at all the image files, fee free to download a complete zip file by clicking [here].

Note: Kwikprint was discontinued by the manufacturer in 2000. The Kwikprint pages have been deleted from this site, although still part of the zip file.

This material is Copyright (c) 1985, 1998, 2001 Jno Cook. You may redistribute or modify this material under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence as published by the Free Software Foundation, version 2. The GNU General Public Licence may be found at http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html or look at a [local] copy.

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[questions, errors] [introduction] [uv hazards, cyanide, AIDS] [poisons] [books] [lith film] [paper developer] [reversing] [A/B developer] [A/B development time] [process camera] [e/r percentages] [line negatives] [half-tone negatives] [contact screens] [stouver scale] [screen range] [flash] [35mm lith film] [UV printers] [blue print data sheet] [brownprint data sheet] [cyanotype and vandyke] [application] [gum data sheet] [gum printing] [gesso] [cliche verre] [posterization] [drop outs] [color separation]

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[Cover Page]

[Questions and Errors]


[Hazards, cyanide, AIDS]



[Lith Film]

[Paper Developer]


[A/B Developer]

[A/B Development Times]

[Process Camera]

[e/r Percentages]

[Line Negatives]

[Half-tone Negatives]

[Contact Screens]

[Stouver Scale]


[Screen Range]




[35 mm Lith Film]

[UV Printers]

[Blue Print Data Sheet]

[Brown Print Data Sheet]



[Gum Print Data Sheet]

[Gum Printing]




[Cliche Verre]





[Color Separation]