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update 1 June 2000

This website is a developing course outline, covering the hardware of PCs, MACS, and Unix boxes. I never got to the last two on these pages. This site is unofficial, and has nothing to do with ... College, the ... Department, or the course ... and I removed the homework and answers.


There are no end of books, and documentation available. Staying up to date requires reading thousands of pages on a regular basis, especially for software. Internet sources: A starting list of definitions at [http://whatis.com/]; my notes at http://jnocook.net/user (where you are). Also check out the largest "library" of computer books in Chicago at MicroCenter.

The PC is taken as the base, and is as far as I got with these notes.. I'll get to the 150 Mac models later. For Unix it'll be Linux on an intel box, of course.

.. hardware ..

Find additional material (like an look at typical expansion cards) further below.

.. more stuff ..

Unsorted files of various sorts are in a subdirectory. Feel free to look through them, [here]

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